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10 Things Most People Would Not Know About Me

1. I am an eagle scout

2. I love to play music. I play guitar and drums. Sax as a kid.

3. my first cd was Queen: Greatest Hits

4. I write left handed, but still do most stuff with my right

5. I am very analytical, which means I can talk myself out of almost anything

6. I do NOT speak Spanish, even tough my last name is Hernandez.

7. First computer was the Commodore 64, however Windows 3.11 was already out so I was a little out of date.

8. I love collecting thing; cards, books, music, games, etc.

9. I have a toy poodle.

10. I was in marching band all through high school and played no sports.

SMTP Authentication with Outlook - Prefab

We can check for both of this situations by looking in Tools->Email Accounts in MS Outlook. Choose to look at your existing accounts. Next, open up her mail account for this server and under the "More Settings ..." button find the 'Outgoing Server' tab. Here you need to be sure that "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" is checked and you have selected to use the "same settings as my incoming mail server". Not having this checked will cause messages sent to domains hosted on the server to be delivered correctly but will not deliver messages to those domains not hosted on the server.


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